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Equipment Audit at Orange Grove Yard

Ops and Safety leadership completed an Equipment Audit today at the Orange Grove yard. In keeping with Cogent's culture of continuous improvement, the goal of the Equipment Audit is to engage key Cogent departments - from ops to safety to mechanics - to increase cross-departmental understanding and knowledge of how we proficiently and properly maintain our equipment. Because of a true team effort today, leadership was able to encourage ownership from everyone, which will hopefully result in less downtime in the field.

Led by COO Chris Simmons, Senior Ops Management Noal Shaw, Jesse Cantu and Carlos Brown showed Supervisor Tyler Pena and Mechanic Brandon Simmons how to properly conduct an audit of a CTU and pump to ensure it was job ready. HSE Coordinator David Longoria then conducted his own audit of the equipment. The two teams later compared their findings to determine where there is a gap in our crews' understanding and to share best practices.

HSE Director John Alvarado said, "It is important that we conduct audits like these because this is the level that our customers expect us to perform. Customers are now asking on a quarterly basis to submit audits on both equipment and the yard to ensure we are keeping our employees safe while maintaining our equipment. Plus, we do this in the yard so we hopefully won't fail in the field."

The Equipment Audit is part of Cogent's continued emphasis on training our people to ensure we have the most knowledgeable coil hands in the industry.

Join me in thanking all who participated in today's Equipment Audit in the comments below! Have an idea for training? Sound off in the comments below on training you think we should hold!

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