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From the Latin word meaning “compelling,” the word cogent means “clear, logical, convincing.”  We chose this word to be the name of our company because we wanted to create a company that was the clear, logical, and only solution for operators’ well servicing needs.  The only way we accomplish this is with quality employees. 


The vision for Cogent is simple:  to be the best energy services company in the industry.  Our goal is to build a company that employs people whose pride in their work translates to being the best company at safe, customer-driven, efficient operations.  

In a short amount of time, Cogent Energy Services has become a leading coiled tubing company.  With a comprehensive benefits package, a career plan for advancement, and a safety-conscious environment, Cogent offers incredible opportunities.  

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Cogent Energy Services is hiring!  We are looking for dedicated, talented people to join our leading team.  

Project Manager

Orange Grove, Texas

Coil Tubing Mechanics

Orange Grove, Texas

Midland, Texas

HR Generalist

Houston, Texas

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